Using Art and Music to bring sunshine to kids all over the world. Join a movement where your voice and your art can be heard, whether you are a kid or just a child at heart. Our Kickstarter is live, so check it out to see how you can get involved!

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Music Workshops

Recording Experience

We have recorded 8 children’s songs that kids can add their voices to! If we are able to visit in person, we can record your children singing together as a choir on the songs. Even if we can’t meet in person, we are making an application that kids anywhere in the world can use to be a part of our record!

Fun with Music!

Children get to try out percussive and melodic instruments including shakers, small drums, harmonicas, kazoos, and ukuleles. We will sing songs with them and let the children participate with instruments to explore rhythm and melody.

Ukulele Introduction

Teach basic ukulele chords and then help the kids learn chords for the songs that they sing together, or for songs they can write on their own or record.

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Art Workshops

Free Form Painting

Each child starts with a blank canvas and then uses colors and shapes to create a random abstract painting. Then, they cut the canvas into smaller pieces and look at each piece to see what random images can be found in these smaller pieces.

Community Tree

Each child has their own leaf that they color however they want. All the leaves will be added together onto a tree as a symbol of the community.

Finger Painting

Children can paint with their fingers (or toes) as they are able and have fun being creative!

Get Involved

Do you know a place that works with kids that you think we should visit?
Just email us at sunshine@chasingsummer.us.